The Threat Essentials Training Kit delivers a great introduction to the different types of threats a security officer will be required to detect during operation.
It offers a variety of threat objects including Detonators & Batteries, IED Mechanisms, Simulated Explosives, Concealed IEDs and a de-activated Firearm that can be stripped.
As all items in this Training Kit are both visually and X-ray correct, they can be used for visual familiarisation training, X-ray familiarisation training and covert drills.

Replica of a semi-automated pistol

*Pistol replica does not provide an accurate X-ray signature
*Export restrictions apply – please enquire for further information

EU Countries – this item is shipped separately from the training kit
Non-EU Countries – this item is not available in the training kit. Instead there are 2 alternative options:

– Double Barrel Gun
– Dummy Pen Gun – in case Weapon Kit is not purchased additionally

Detonators & Power Sources

Electric Aluminium, Copper & Cardboard
Safety Fuse
Copper Improvised
Various Power Sources

Simulant Explosives

500g of C4
500g TATP Powder

Concealed IEDs

DVD with light sensitive trigger
Torch with components concealed in dummy batteries
Soft drink can

Delay Mechanisms

Mechanical timer
Electronic timer
Digital timer
Tilt switch board
Pressure-release board

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