The X-ray Training & Testing Kit contains the components necessary to construct a range of simulated bombs.

All items contained in this Testing Kit are accurate in appearance and give an accurate X-ray signature.

This simulated explosive training aid is ideal for use in classroom training as it can be used to demonstrate all the elements and construction of a bomb by different methods.

Power Source

4 X 1.5 volt battery pack

9 volt alkaline

9 volt zinc carbon

12 volt battery lithium


Clockwork countdown timer

Electronic countdown timer

Homemade electronic timer

Barometric switch

Light-sensitive booby-trap

Tilt or trembler booby-trap

Anti-opening device

Inert, Simulated Explosives

Simulated explosive without detonator.

Simulated explosive with side-mounted detonator.

Simulated explosive and mounted detonator.

Simulated plastic explosive sheets

K1 – 5mm thick -110g

K2 – 10mm thick – 220g

K3 – 15mm thick – 400g

Copper electric delay detonator, similar to those used in real events throughout Europe.

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