Security Screening Simulators

Security operations depend significantly on human operators’ ability to interpret images, making
image analysis training indispensable. Through the Simfox security screening simulator, screeners
at all levels can upgrade their threat detection skills by using its extensive training database of
real-life images and its highly customisable modules.

Simfox is the most realistic computer-based security X-ray and Computed Tomography simulator available to train and certify security screeners on the subject of image interpretation and threat detection. With over 15000 users in 84 countries worldwide, our products have been designed to meet the diverse needs of customers of all sizes, including but not limited to airports, civil aviation authorities, prisons, government buildings, military and police forces, and many other high-security establishments. The system provides security screeners with a highly customisable, immersive and realistic training experience that helps them to identify a wide range of potential threats hidden in bags and other objects.

Complies with EU regulation 2015/1998.




Compatible with all major manufacturers

For training, testing and certification

To enhance image interpretation skills

For all establishments

Translated to many languages

Simulator types

Conventional X-ray

Simulates the X-ray environment of baggage screening 

Computed Tomography (CT)

Simulates the 3D environment of
baggage screening 

Cargo & Container X-ray

Simulates the X-ray environment of cargo and container screening