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Low Start up Costs

Simfox – Security X-Ray Simulator as well as the full range of Renful products are provided at a reduced license fee. SSTCs are only required to pay a small commission for the reselling of Renful products.

Grow business together

SSTCs will receive free training and technical support. The Renful technology will be powered by our resources while the SSTC management can focus on the professional operation, ie. marketing the business and providing training and customer care.

Expand into new Sectors

The Simfox system is currently configured to offer courses for a variety of security applications, such as:

  • Carry on and hold baggage in Airports
  • Large Cargo and Containers at Cross borders / Airports/ Sea Ports
  • Carry on bags in Prisons/ Secure Hospitals
  • Carry on and mail screening  in Government Buildings
  • Carry on and luggage for Custom Authorities
  • Carry on and mail screening in High Security Installations
  • Carry on luggage and packages operated with CT scanners, dual and single view machines. Full compatibility with different manufacturers infrastructure.

With this option SSTCs are able to provide services to customers in sectors of the security industry that they were previously unable to due to lack of resources.

Provide Training for all major X-Ray Machine Manufacturers

SSTCs also have full machine compatibility on Simfox enabling them to provide x-ray simulation training for single, dual view, multi view and CT scanners.

Training/Testing Created by Experts

Simfox is delivered to SSTCs already full of content for all applications and machines. This ensures SSTCs are able to start selling and using the training content on the system immediately.

Unlimited access to the X-Ray Simulator

Simfox is provided online with no limit to the number of students allowed to connect.

This means that an unlimited amount of users are able to connect to Simfox and take training from anywhere in the SSTCs country.

Provide Continuous Training

Simfox is available online, 24/7. This means that once initial training has been completed by a screener, SSTCs are able to facilitate their continuous x-ray simulation training by making it available to them at their place of work.

Easy Administration

Simfox has been developed with a user friendly interface designed to make the administration of x-ray screener training quick and easy.

Trainers are able to create students, assign sessions and export reports in just a few clicks.

Discounted Prices on other Renful products

SSTCs are given discounted prices on all Renful products. They are allowed to use these products for personal use or sell them on to their own customers at Renful’s specified asking price.