“Simfox is going really well and I am getting some really positive feedback from the staff who have used it.”

London Luton Airport

“Working with Simfox, Trefox and Pre-M is simple, logical and user friendly. Also, the Renful team is enthusiastic, active and helpful at all times.”

Bratislava Airport

“The use of Pre-M, Trefox and Simfox has provided a significant positive impact on the motivation, skills and detection capabilities of our personnel.”

Certis Cisco Academy – Singapore

“All of my officers have made individual comments about how much they enjoy the Simfox training, and regularly ask to complete this task (unheard of when it comes to training).”

Newquay Airport

“Renful’s products have significantly contributed to increasing motivation, knowledge and detection capabilities of security personnel in Airports throughout Portugal.”

Microsegur – Portugal

“I have completed one of the training sessions with two DfT inspectors. They were both impressed and satisfied that we were compliant with the EC300 requirements.”

Newquay Airport