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Renful Premier Technologies has been helping companies reach their security goals for the past
25 years through custom-tailored security trainings. Investing in educational e-learning courses
can help you reduce costs over time while also decreasing your risk of potential threats or


Trefox is effective computer-based training designed to educate new X-ray operators on the basics of X-ray security. Using engaging audio, text, and video to help learners retain knowledge more effectively. Additionally, instructors can take advantage of the ready-made animations and audio content available in Trefox to reduce their workload while delivering lectures.

Available online or offline

Duration 5 hrs

Composed of 10 modules and a test

Available in multiple languages

Individual course path

User-friendly navigation

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AvSec School

Avsec School is an e-learning portal offering four online multimedia security training courses and tests designed to enhance the job performance, confidence and expertise of security personnel.

Each course is available 24/7 via AvsecSchool or can be purchased on DVD for use as part of continuous training.

The courses can be used by trainers to explain complicated subjects or describe events as they include audio, videos, photos, text and animations that maintain the interest level of the student and make for a more enjoyable learning experience.

The main topics of this course are:

Passport and document identification checking

Postal devices

Terrorism and threat

Drug ID training

Drugs Awareness E-learning Course

Renful offers a computer-based e-learning course on ‘Drugs Awareness’ that covers commonly abused drugs, their associated paraphernalia, slang terminology, and the causes, methods, and implications of drug misuse for users and others. 

Users will learn in detail about commonly abused drugs, including cannabis, cocaine, heroin, LSD, ecstasy, speed, and new designer drugs. The resource will provide trainees with valuable insights, practical guidance, and an engaging experience, to help them gain knowledge that contributes to a safer work environment. 

The training will be of interest to those working in schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, hospitality, construction, secure hospitals, and prisons, as well as anyone who manages people or works with vulnerable individuals.

Available online

Duration 3 hrs

Cost effective

Engaging and interactive

Individual course path

User-friendly navigation