Simfox Container is a Security X-Ray Simulator that is used to train and test the X-ray detection skills of security screeners on container operations, worldwide.

Training for Security X-Ray Machines

The Simfox Container system supports all types of X-ray inspection operations, allowing screeners to be more accurate and effective in the screening of shipping containers, air freight and vehicles.

Flexible Licence Options

Simfox is available online or on a local or wide area network. It can be purchased via a number of license options that have been developed to meet the needs of both large and small organisations.

In order for our customers to get the most out of Simfox, we provide a comprehensive training, consultancy and after sales package that will ensure it is configured to the exact requirements of any organisation.

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Simfox Container allows trainers to upload X-ray images of items and containers from their own scanning operations and incorporate them into their Simfox database, to create bespoke training and testing courses.

The Simulator

Simfox provides single and dual view X-ray simulators for small bags all the way up to large containers and vehicles.

  • High quality X-ray images
  • Manufacturer specific image manipulation buttons available via an on screen dashboard
  • Manifest available
Session Review

After each X-ray simulator session, the user is directed to a screen where they are able to review each container they have screened. This ensures screeners can quickly and easily learn from their mistakes without the immediate assistance of a trainer.

  • Session Review is timed and makes up part of the training
  • View both X-ray and photo of each item within each container in the session
  • The session results are saved  in the system for later reviews and inclusion into reports
Create & Export Reports Quickly

Simfox Container offers a range of customised reports that can help trainers quickly identify which screeners are not compliant with regulations as well as understand specific weaknesses in their detection skills.

  • Create reports for individuals, departments, or the whole organisation
  • Create reports based on specific sessions, courses and/or date ranges
  • Export all reports into Excel
Create Customised Containers for Training & Testing

This feature allows instructors to build new bags and use them as part of X-ray simulator training. It delivers a constant stream of new content and ensures screeners must use their detection skills, rather than their memory to detect threats.

  • Choose an empty container from the database and pack it using any of the 2000+ items available
  • Quickly amend containers

Whether you need to train 1 or 1000 screeners we offer Simfox packages that will match your exact training needs and budgetary requirements.

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