Simfox CT is an X-Ray Computed Tomography Simulator that is used to train and test the X-ray detection skills of security screeners in Airports.

Web based application
  • Simfox CT is a desktop application installed on a PC (Windows, Mac or Linux) using our custom installer, or by downloading and opening a zip file.
  • The application is web based with a built-in browser to view web pages and can be used on a local/wide-area network or over the internet.
  • Screeners log into their student account and access training and test session. Their answers and scores are saved and stored and available for review.

Test creator

Teachers can choose which images to add from the library and are able to customise the number of images in each session.

Test editor

Teachers can edit images to select Suspicious Areas (threats). The area the students select and the threat type is then compared with the teacher's to automatically grade the student.

The editing tool allows teachers to add or remove threats or define different objects as threat as well as change the list of threat categories.

Test review

A Review Module allows students to see their score after finishing each training or test session and compare their answers with the correct answers.

Updates & new features

The system is flexible and allows easy updates, where new features can be added with little effort on the user’s side.

Built on Simfox

The CT Module is part of Simfox and provides all advanced management and analytic tools for CT simulation training.

Whether you need to train 1 or 1000 screeners we offer Simfox packages that will match your exact training needs and budgetary requirements.

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